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2 Answers

Getting HIV?

I had sex with a prostitute without condom..i am not sure as she is HIV+ .. Is there any preliminary step to avoid with in 2days after sex

Answered by: ritz 2552 views

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HIV cure?

sir I have unsafe sex with a sex worker on 12th octover 2014. I got tested on 16 march 2015 with Elisa test and again retested it on 11 april 2015 both result was non-reactive and negative. but I a...

Answered by: arvind 3010 views

1 Answers

oral sex and anal sex?

Yes. Just as well as vaginal sex. In 80s when HIV surfaced in United States, a large number was discovered to have spread through anal intercourse among IV drug users. If one partner is infected and o...

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 1257 views

1 Answers

HIV reproduction

Any virus (measles, mumps, herpez, chicken pox, HIV etc) need a host (an alive being) for survival and duplication. SImilarly HIV can also survive and multiply inside a human host. Once it comes out, ...

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 1504 views

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safe sex?

Safe sex means having sexual intercourse guarding against catching/ passing on infections (viral or bacterial) that transmit through sexual intercourse. These infections are Syphilis, Gonorrhea. HIV, ...

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 1398 views

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Blood Transfusion

Not donating blood but yes on receiving blood. Although testing for HIV is mandatory for all blood donors, the window period may mask the early infection.

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 1359 views

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Hepatitis B & HIV?

No. Neither leads to another! Both are sinister infections that are passed on sexual contact. It is common to find both in intravenous drug users and those frequenting commercial sex workers.

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 2313 views

1 Answers

Recurrence of STD

Seema Nothing can be more WRONG. The earlier STDs syphilis, gonorrhoea etc could be contacted again and again on sexual exposure to some one already infected. The current ones HIV, Hepatitis B can ...

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 2329 views

1 Answers

talk to children about HIV Aids

It should be combined with sex education or puberty education and should be done by either a doctor or someone trained in the art of counselling.

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 2513 views

2 Answers

Getting HIV?

No, Pooja. It only passes through direct sexual contact, through body fluids (blood, semen, vaginal fluid, salive etc) and from mother to child during pregnancy & delivery.

Answered by: Dr C H Asrani 2552 views