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2 Answers

HIV spread

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I have come to know that one of the seniors in my office is HIV Positive. What is the risk to others (I am worried about me). How does HIV spread from one person to another?

2 Answers

  1. Dr Anup C. M. on Apr 02, 2012 Reply

    Relax. You need not worry. HIV does not spread thru casual contact. It spreads via 3 main routes:
    1. Direct – unprotected sexual contact – vaginal, oral & anal. Also deep kiss as there are tiny abrasions in mouth/ gums etc
    2. Indirect – Body fluids – blood, saliva, vaginal fluid, semen etc
    3. Vertical – HIV Positive mother to fetus

    It doe not spread by handshake, working/ eating together etc

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  2. Dr C H Asrani on Apr 02, 2012 Reply

    HIV does not spread by
    – Hugging, Kissing, Shaking hands and Kissing on the cheeks, hands etc.
    – Coughing or sneezing
    – Insect or mosquito bites
    – Sharing clothes or towels
    – Using the same equipments such as telephones.
    – Eating from the same utensils
    – Swimming pools
    – Sharing the same toilets
    – Being with infected people in crowds or public places
    – Nursing People with HIV infection (adequate precaution required if handling vomitus etc)
    – Washing clothes, bed sheets etc. used by people with HIV infection.

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